DrOmnibus is the first company from Poland and one of four European startups in Google Launchpad Accelerator 2017.
Our team consists of experienced experts: therapists (ABA and BCBA), psychologists, gaming and software developers, designers, marketing and sales specialists.

Our goal is to ensure that every child has a chance for independence in adulthood regardless of any disabilities. Every day, we work to improve the existing therapies making them more effective and attractive for children with behavioral and developmental disorders.

We create modern, comprehensive multimedia tools that support ABA therapy for children with autism.

Board of management

Bogumiła Matuszewska - Wojtyła CEO
Katarzyna Chrabąszcz COO
Michał Ryś CFO

We collaborate with therapists

Google Launchpad Accelerator

ABA DrOmnibus is the first software from the ABA industry that has successfully joined the Google ecosystem. In 2017, DrOmnibus was invited as one of the four European companies to join San Francisco’s Google Launchpad Accelerator.

Google and DrOmnius in January 2018 have started a research pilot program for Google employees who are parents of children with autism to give them the opportunity to support their children’s therapy and education with the ABA DrOmnibus app and to assess the effect of ABA DrOmnibus on the children’s progress in learning the facts and skills that are addressed by the app.

Jason Titus

Vice President of Developer Products at Google

“These three entrepreneurs (Editor’s note: DrOmnibus Board Members) recognize the need to provide therapy at scale for autistic children. In response, they created DrOmnibus, an app based learning platform that provides games for children with special education needs. The game allows students to learn behavior patterns and responses to real life scenarios and their teachers and therapists can review their progress. The best part is that students can play these games on their own, allowing them to receive therapy every day rather than once a week, which makes an incredible impact long-term. This is just one of many stories of how the European developmental community is making a big impact.”


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