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With significant advances in technology every year, tablets are becoming a bigger resource in classrooms and in the therapy of children with disabilities. These tablets enhance the learning experience and give children confidence they may have been lacking prior to the introduction of tablets.

Unfortunately the price of these tablets, the accessories and the apps that are needed for children with disorders, such as autism, may become too high for families to afford. Luckily in the United States there are a number of organizations that provide grants to help families purchase these items!

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To apply for these grants there is usually an application that should be filled out and certain criteria that applicants need to meet. There are also options the help families raise the needed funds on their own or with the help of the websites. Either way, these websites and organizations make it possible for families to obtain the necessary equipment that aid in the development of  their children. Every child deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and advance and these organizations make it possible!



Fot: Brad Flickinger/ flickr


fot: Brad Flickinger/ flickr


Fot: Brad Flickinger/ flickr
Fot: Brad Flickinger/ flickr



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Posted by: Lauren Brant