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We create modern multimedia tools that support the therapy and education of children with special educational needs during preschool and early primary school, adjusted to their needs and capabilities.


DrOmnibus Inclusive Education

A comprehensive tool based on Applied Behaviour Analysis, one of the world’s most effective learning methods, which draws from the extensive experience of scientists and clinicians. DrOmnibus Inclusive Education will automatically analyse each child’s skill level and adjust the presented tasks accordingly.

  • over 5000 tasks that teach children to distinguish colours, shapes, numbers, emotions, occupations, fruits, vegetables, animals, parts of the body, and more;
  • a system of rewards in which the children can exchange tokens for attractive games;
  • a three-level prompting mechanism;
  • reports generated automatically after each session and comparative overviews; –an organiser and voice messenger system for teachers;
  • lesson plans and additional educational material.
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DrOmnibus Therapy with a Tablet

A multimedia solution based on child-friendly games that aid in the development of skills such as sound identification, ordering, differentiation, classification, social and communicative competency, visual perception and analysis, distinguishing the size of objects, and recognising the letter L.

  • 10 unique games based on therapeutic practices;
  • a therapist's panel with easily accessible overviews to help you assess each child’s progress;
  • selectable level of difficulty;
  • a voice messenger system for therapists;
  • session plans and additional educational materials.
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