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How does it work?

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The app features a system that checks the baseline level of a skill. The baseline analysis is a fully automated process. After completing the assessment, the therapist can run an ABA program which is tailored according to the assessment results.

ABA Programs

The ABA Programs (teaching programs) are based on ABA principles. The app features an assessment option, levels, three-level prompting, and over twenty reinforcement systems. ABA professionals can run ABA Programs on their mobile device or personal computer.

Data & Graphs

Baseline and ABA Programs (teaching programs) collect data in real-time. The data collection in ABA DrOmnibus includes assessment reports, cumulative graphs for each skill, individual graphs for each target, and skill sheets. The data is generated in real time. The results of this assessment and the program will be available at any time to check, print, or download.

Parent Training

The application can be used to work with the client at home – the therapist adds homework in the app and keeps track of the client’s progress. The parent does not make mistakes and the data is collected easily and automatically.

About our method

ABA DrOmnibus is among the world’s first tool that implements Applied Behavior Analysis principles in the form of a child-friendly app. See how we draw from the world’s leading science, based on the extensive experience of scientists, clinicians, and modern technology designers.

Teaching the skill in the app starts from the baseline. Upon the pretest the system determines the next steps and alters the teaching accordingly.

After learning the basics of the skill, the app teaches the child to generalize it.

The app contains several different kinds of prompts, both visual and auditory, in all-in-one adaptive and multi-stage prompting system. The type of the prompt depends on the number of errors the child has made.

Our custom-made system of rewards allows children to cash-in tokens for attractive games. This way, the system helps them to maintain attention and motivate them for activity.

We have taken extra effort to avoid visual and auditory elements that could distract children with behavioral and developmental disorders. Child-friendly colors, distinct shapes and symbols, and unobtrusive sounds help create an appealing environment for children with autism.

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